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Yellow Suzani

Yellow Suzani

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Suzanis are dowery embroidered pieces that are formed by several panels that are embroidered by the female members of the bride’s family and then are stitched together lengthwise to form large panels that can be used as bedcovers, wallhanging or any other domestic purpose.

Suzanis can be traced to their exact origins according to their decorating style. Two different kinds of suzanis come out of Tashkent, “paliak” (moon design) and “gulkurpa” (flower cloth). Paliak suzanis are decorated with a field of circles and the embroidery covers the whole ground. This suzani represents the gulkurpa type which usually has one or more large circular shapes in the center with several small floral designs surrounding it. Also, gulkurpa suzanis leave much of the ground exposed.

This suzani has a large polychromatic circular blossom in the center, with four smaller versions in the corners of the main field. On each of the inside corners of the inner border, there are three red circular blossoms that have small blue flowers surrounding them. Along the main border there are twenty large shrubs that are evenly spaced apart.

Circa: Late 19th century

Origin: Uzbekistan

Material: Silk Embroidery on Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 96" x 82"

Inventory number: TX5153

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Our vintage and antique pieces have traveled throughout the world and survived decades - maybe even centuries - of use. Do not expect them to be in perfect or *new* condition. Signs of their past makers and owners may be noticeable such as small holes, loose threads, & stains. In our opinion, this adds to their charm!