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Triangle Shape Embroidery (Saye Gosha)

Triangle Shape Embroidery (Saye Gosha)

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This triangular Lakhai (Lakai) embroidery or saye gosha was made in Uzbekistan in the 19th century. It is made out of cotton, embellished with silk embroidery.

The Lakhai are a nomadic tribe of Uzbekistan, northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan. They are known for their brightly colored geometric embroideries. These textiles are highly individualized, made up of abstract designs chosen by the women who made them. Some of these abstractions are sourced from the animal world, though they are expressive rather than representational. Motifs that can be described as scorpions, spiders, snakes, birds of prey and rams’ horns were commonly used, but the individual embroiderer had the freedom to alter these shapes and create her own composition as she saw fit.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Uzbekistan

Material: silk embroidered cottoc

Condition: some bleeding of red dye, some splitting to ground, fair

Dimensions: 23" x 34"

Inventory number: TX2848

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