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Tie-Dye Sash

Tie-Dye Sash

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This tie-dye sash was created to be worn wrapped around a Tibetan man's waist. The warp is cotton and the weft is wool, which is woven in a striped pattern, and then tie dyed. The dye creates a cross motif, or "tigma," which is an ancient good luck charm.

Circa: 20th century

Origin: Tibet

Material: Wool

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 84" x 5.5", fringe 13"

Inventory number: TX2885

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Keep in mind ...

Our vintage and antique pieces have traveled throughout the world and survived decades - maybe even centuries - of use. Do not expect them to be in perfect or *new* condition. Signs of their past makers and owners may be noticeable such as small holes, loose threads, & stains. In our opinion, this adds to their charm!