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Ikat Lace Shawl

Ikat Lace Shawl

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Indigo dyed ikat rebozo with lace ends from the Azuay Valley, a (territorial subdivision) in the south-central region of Azuay Province, Ecuador.

Shawls from this area are of cotton yarn, warp-resist indigo dyed, with knotted fringe. They typically have a 60-90 centimeter (two to three foot) undyed fringe at each end with designs made by tying the warp together in overhand knots. In good old shawls of this kind, the warp yarns are continuous through both the fringe and the ikat center. Motifs include flowers, birds, the seal of Ecuador, dates, boats, and sometimes the weaver's name.

Circa: Early 20th c

Origin: Ecuador

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 104" X 28'

Inventory number: TX4806

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