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Fulani Blanket

Fulani Blanket

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Fulani blankets, or munnyuure, were a part of a married woman's wardrobe in Mali. Most women were expected to wear this piece either draped over their shoulder or their head when leaving the house, as it was a symbol of status.

Munnyuure translates to "to patiently endure," due to the exhaustive nature of the production of this textile. An expert weaver must be patient to be sure that the designs match up when each strip is sewn together. It is made with naturally indigo-dyed cotton which is hand-spun by women, and woven by men.

Circa: 20th c

Origin: Mali

Material: Cotton

Condition: minor bleed in center bottom, very good condition.

Dimensions: 104" x 58"

Inventory number: TX5005

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