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Dotted Geometric Indigo Panel

Dotted Geometric Indigo Panel

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The Japanese culture of indigo dyeing or (aizome) is considered to have its origins in India. The Japanese have used the indigo dye for many centuries tracing back to the Edo period 1603-1868. During the time of Japanese military leadership, laws were enacted that prohibited the populace to wear luxury fabric which was reserved for the upper classes.

Simple indigo-dyed items in cotton cloth or hemp were some of the few clothing materials and colors that the common people were permitted to wear. As a result, the deep blue indigo became a predominate garment throughout much of the archipelago.

Indigo has a natural antibacterial and dirt repelling qualities a formidable tool for workmen's, samurais, and fireman garments.


Circa: Early 20th century

Origin: Japan

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very good 

Dimensions: 31" x 28"

Inventory number: TX4608

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