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Ikat Lace Shawl

Ikat Lace Shawl

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Shawls from the Azuay Valley in Ecuador are of cotton yarn, warp-resist indigo dyed, with knotted macrame fringe. They typically have a 60-90 centimeter (two to three foot) un-dyed fringe at each end with designs made by tying the warp together in overhand knots. A few shawls have fringe made in crochet, or a square mesh knotted net(single element, filet) with embroidered motifs. Motifs include flowers, birds, the seal of Ecuador, dates, boats, and sometimes the weaver's name.

Circa: Early 20th c

Origin: Ecuador

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 104" X 28'

Inventory number: TX4805

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