Sometimes we come across jewelry and textiles that are not in the best condition. For this antique Naga necklace, a lot of the beads were broken and its original string had worn away - but we saw potential.

We gave the necklace to Omar at El Techichi, and they created this beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Everything in this collection is from the original necklace, plus some additions of materials that are important to Omar.

The mission of this collection is to support a living artist, and to nurture the idea of using older materials to create new art.

From Omar - the creator behind El Techichi.

"El Techichi is a love letter to a young brown child who used to play makeshift cars with Mary-Kay boxes, and loved their imagination and their creativity, but also a love letter to Rue the Chihuahua, whose ancient magic was the catalyst for this whole adventure.

Through jewelry, Omar Monroy (they/them) has been able to reconnect with their indigenous roots and their homeland of Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, Mexico, located in the Baja Mixteca.

Using new & vintage materials and stories from friends & family, Omar creates one of a kind jewels that are bold and opulent - just like those who wear El Techichi.

El Techichi Jewelry is created with the intention of being maximalist and gender neutral. A big belief of mine is that opulence and adornment were all about status not gender, so why limit ourselves to a gender construct forced on us by colonizers?"

Pieces modeled by Mark Saldana (he/she).

Model photography by Hanna Lasure (she/her).

Product Photography by Cristina Wright (she/they).

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